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Today's readings suggest an openness in love and respect for others, as taught in the contemporary setting by the Council's decree on Ecumenism. "Almighty God,... your care extends beyond the boundaries of race and nation to the hearts of all who live. May the walls, which prejudice raises between us, crumble beneath the shadow of your outstretched arm".

Suggested Songs for August 20, 2017 - 20th Sunday Ordinary Time

God is Here As We His People - Song Sheet
Your Hands, O Lord, in Days of Old - Song Sheet

Gift of Finest Wheat - Song Sheet
Wherever He Leads - Song Sheet

Lord Have Mercy.mp3   Holy.mp3
Glory to God.mp3   We Proclaim Your Death.mp3
Alleluia.mp3   Amen.mp3
Lent.mp3   Lamb of God.mp3

Envia Tu Espiritu   youtube

Easter Song

Music Sheet

Mass of Renewal Service Music (for Singers).pdf

Mass of Creation Service Music (for Singers).pdf

Mass of Renewal Service Music (for Keyboard).pdf