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Theme: Traditionally Gaudate (Latin for "rejoice") Sunday is a day of rejoicing, as well as the continuing Advent themes of preparation and right-living.

First: Zephaniah - Shout for joy... the Lord is in your midst... he will exault with joy over you.

Psalm: Isaiah 12 - Sing and shout for joy for great in your midst is the Holy one of Israel / God is my salvation / Give thanks to the Lord / Sing a psalm to the Lord

Second: Philippians - I want you to be happy... God is very near, pray for what you need.

Gospel: Luke - People asked John "what must we do" - he told them to act justly - and "I baptise with water but someone is coming who will baptize with the Holy Spirit".

Suggested Songs for December 16, 2018 - 3rd Sunday of Advent

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