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Theme: Last days, end times: being prepared, faithfulness to God. Salvation.

Psalm: 15 - Preserve me God I take refuge in you / You are my portion and cup / My heart rejoices / You show me the path of life.

Second: Hewbrews - Christ offered one single sacrifice for sins, then took his place at God's right hand.

Gospel: Mark - The Son of Man will come in glory and will gather his chosen... the fig tree shows signs... but no one except the Father knows the day nor the hour.

Suggested Songs for November 18, 2018 - 33rd Sunday Ordinary

When Morning Gilds the Skies - 858 Ritual Songbook
When the Lord in Glory Comes - 868 Ritual Songbook
Pan de Vida - 909 Ritual Songbook
Lift High the Cross - 884 Ritual Songbook