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Theme: Rejoice / joy: expectation, the blind will see. Awaiting the coming of someone greater than John the Baptist.


First: Isaiah 35: 1-6- A, 10: Let the wilderness bring forth flowers. Look, your God is coming to save you... those the Lord has ransomed shall return, they shall come to Zion shouting for joy.

Psalm: 146 - Lord, come and save us.

Second: James 5: 7-10: Be patient, do not lose heart because the Lord's coming will be soon.

Gospel: Matthew 11: 2-11: John sends the disciples to ask Jesus "Are you the one who is to come?" Jesus answers by pointing to his works, and tells the people about John's greatness - and that the least in heaven is still greater than him.

Suggested Song for December 15, 2019 - 3rd Sunday of Advent - Year A

O Come Divine Messiah (sample) - 479 Ritual Songbook
When the King Shall Come Again (sample) - 487 Ritual Songbook
Patience, People (sample) - pg 1 - pg 2
People, Look East (sample) - 482 Ritual Songbook