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Themes: True peace comes from God - but we are God's agents in working for it: responsibility, the first will be last and the last will be first - social justice, fairness, integrity, service.

First: Wisdom 2 - The godless condemn a virtuous man to a shameful death, because he will be looked after by God.

Psalm: 18: The Lord upholds my life / O God save me by your name

Second: James 3 - Jealousy, ambition, and self-seeking cause disharmony and wickedness. Wisdom is pure makes for peace - peacemakers sow the seeds of holiness. Fighting is caused by desire for what people do not have.

Gospel: Mark The last will be first and the first last - welcoming even a child in God's name is welcoming God. The disciples had difficulty understanding.

Suggested Songs for September 23, 2018 - 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Christians Lift Up Your Hearts
God Whose Giving Knows No Ending
Gift of Finest Wheat
Lift High the Cross