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God as supreme king, throughout history. Praise. Justice.

First: Isaiah - The Lord anoints Cyrus, who he has called by name... so that all may know from the rising of the sun to the setting that apart from God there is nothing.

Psalm 95 - Give the Lord glory and power / O sing a new song to the Lord / The Lord is great and worthy of praise / Give the Lord you families of people / Worship the Lord in his temple.

Second: I Thessalonians - Paul greets the church, and says that they are constantly remembered in his prayers... for their faith in action... you have been chosen... because the Good News came to you as power and the Holy Spirit.

Gospel: Matthew 22 - Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar - and to God what belongs to God.

Suggested Songs for Oct. 22, 2017 - 29th Sunday Ordinary Time

Sing Praise to the Lord - Song Sheet
How Can I Keep from Singing - Song Sheet
Song of the Body of Christ - Song Sheet
Take Up Your Cross - Song Sheet

Lord Have Mercy.mp3   Holy.mp3
Glory to God.mp3   We Proclaim Your Death.mp3
Alleluia.mp3   Amen.mp3
Lent.mp3   Lamb of God.mp3

Envia Tu Espiritu   youtube

Easter Song

Music Sheet

Mass of Renewal Service Music (for Singers).pdf

Mass of Creation Service Music (for Singers).pdf

Mass of Renewal Service Music (for Keyboard).pdf